See Who Unfriends or Deleted You on Facebook

Facebook unfriend Have you ever feel while using Facebook that your friends list is decreasing which means some people have removed you from their friends list. However we always remain curious in order to know that who have unfriended you from Facebook due to which we will tell you how to see who have unfriended or deleted you.

You can easily come to know that you deleted you from Facebook with the help of an App named as “Who deleted me” which can be downloaded for free from Chrome Opera, Firefox browsers and Android operating system.

Application who deleted me which developed by the experts of Media Diodes Company works on simple principles as it automatically download the description of your Facebook friends  and make the list of number of your friends on Facebook. Down this application from the Official Website.

So, whenever you logged into Facebook, app is set to compare your friends list and tell that whether your friend list have the same number of friends or it has decreased. However app inform you about who deleted you from Facebook by showing up their profile picture, his/her contact details and your last contact time and details with him/her. This app is easy to use as you can easily aware from those friends who have deleted you from Facebook.

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