WhatsApp swearing Caused a Man Charge of $68,000 in UAE

WhatsApp_Man_PunishedThe supreme court of UAE (United Arab Emirates) carried out trial of a case again, earlier the man was fined $800 but later the Supreme Court ordered a retrial as the fine imposed earlier on the man was too little (as argued by the court). The case for which he was convicted was of swearing one of his own colleague over WhatsApp. The words the man used were insulting according to a source. Although the specific words used by the man were not revealed.

The man who filed the case also reported that the other man who was defendant in this case threatened him (the claimant) of harming him. Although later on the defendant was cleared from all such charges. Few years back a strict law on cybercrimes was imposed in the UAE the comprehensive law covered the crimes which may be committed over the Internet. The law consisting of 29 Articles called for Jail and Fine as a punishment on the crimes which were well defined in the law.

The case was filed last year, the case was later brought under the cybercrime law which called for declaring verbal insult over the Internet as an offence. Those living in UAE have been warned by authorities to exercise caution and carefulness while communicating as committing any law will result in punishments and fine. The expats can also be punished under the law, after completing their punishments the expats will be deported.

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