Fines Charged At Dubai Metro For Violations

Dubai MetroThe Dubai Metro is a fully automated driverless metro in the United Arab Emirates city of Dubai which spreads over an area of 75 kilometers. It began its operation on 9th September 2009 with initially two operational lines i.e. Red Line and Green Line. In order to make the journey comfortable and fearless, the officials of Dubai Metro have made some rules and regulations to provide maximum satisfaction to the passengers. The slogan of Dubai Metro for the passengers is “No Excuse for Law Violation”. So the violators of rules and regulations would have to pay specified penalty for it. The fines for various offences at Dubai Metro are as follows:

Fines At Dubai Metro For Violators

  • Any person found sleeping and laying down on stations and in Dubai Metro, have to pay approximately 300 Dirham.
  • Carrying alcoholic drinks while travelling from Dubai Metro is not allowed and if found doing so, will be fined about Dh 200.
  • Anyone who found placing his/her feet on Metro seats will have to pay Dh 100.
  • Selling goods is not allowed in the Dubai Metro and violator will have to pay approximately Dh 200.
  • If someone tries to use personal cards of others, he/she will have to pay fine of Dh 200.
  • Security and Emergency devices have installed to facilitate the passengers in emergency cases, if someone found using these devices for fun will have to pay up to Dh 2000 as a fine.

Category Of 100 AED Fine

  • In case of obstruction, inconvenience or pain to any passenger.
  • In case of drinking and eating inside the Dubai Metro, that is strictly not allowed.
  • In case of using elevators in a despicable manner which affect the safety of advanced machinery.
  • In case of bouncing and climbing in the transport building or Dubai Metro.
  • In case of entering into disallowed places and restricted area in Dubai Metro or at general transport environment.
  • In case of opening the entryway to leave or enter in the running metro.
  • In case of parking for more than 24 hours without any permission in metro passengers assigned parking.

Category Of 200 AED Fine

  • In case of travelling without ticket.
  • In case of not follow the directions of RTA’s or assigned work force.
  • In case of selling NOL card without taking permission from RTA.
  • If using invalid or fake NOL card for travelling in Dubai Metro.
  • If spits, litter or brings on the stains in open transport vehicle.
  • In case of carrying weapons and other dangerous materials while travelling in Dubai Metro.
  • In case of distracting the driver of Dubai Metro or any other move that will leave the lives of passengers in danger.

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