Citizenship Not Offered Who Has More Than One Wife : Canada

Citizenship Not Offered Who Has More ThanCanada: According to sources, New law in Canada is likely to be implemented where a person has at the same time more than one wives, would be given citizenship. The Canadian government has begun work on the preparation of this law. According to the British Broadcasting Corp. in Canada over the past 10 years in the Middle East and South Asian immigrants growing incidence of killings on the name on honor. According to this law citizenship would not be given to that person who has more than one wife at a time.

Citizenship law will not be given to those whose wives are more than one. Under the proposed new law, the banned would be on forced marriages and minimum marriage is more than 16 years.¬†According to sources,¬†Canadian Immigration Minister Chris Alexander, the new law says a man to marry more than one at a time ‘ barbaric civilization’, the new rules aim to save residents of Canada and the new people who come here.

According to sources, The recently an Indian woman with her relatives killed a daughter who married with her wish Canada’s local court ordered sending the defendants to India.

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