How Pakistanis Can Apply For Saudia Arabia Business Visa

How Pakistanis Can Apply For Saudia Arbia Business VisaSaudi Arabia possesses an oil-based economy with powerful government organize over main economic activities. Saudi Arabia has 18% of the world’s established petroleum reserves, ranks as the largest exporter of petroleum, and takes part in a leading role in OPEC, although its influence decreased in recent years. Most workforces, mostly in the private sector, are foreigners.

Pre-Requisites for Business visa

  • Have to be in possession of passport valid minimum for six months.
  • Computerized Identification Card.
  • Visa form.
  • Two Photographs.
  • Confirmation return ticket.
  • Original confirmation letter.
  • Creation letter dully attested from Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Bank statement for six month.
  • Letter from Chamber of Commerce.
  • Letter from the anxious Pakistani Company.

General Instruction for Grant of Business Visa 

Business visa is settled simply to representatives or Directors of Companies or association. Business visa is settled to Foreign Businessman and Investors on the basis of invitation by a company or organization or Chamber of Commerce and Industries in the kingdom after the request for business visa are dully filled.

Female visa is provided through a direct demand by the companies or association inside the Kingdom to the ministry of Foreign Affairs. Application form of the General department of investment is taken as business visa. Doctor and contribution in the trade exhibitions are provided visas from within Saudi Arabia.

Maximum period of business visa is one month.

The applicants of business visa have to provide a preliminary letter from his company providing details of his description, purpose and period of visit and the name of the companies and / or organizations he is going to go in Saudi Arabia.

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