Deep-fried Vegetables healthier than Boiled vegetables, Research

Spanish scientists recently claim that eating deep fried vegetables are healthier then boiled vegetables. Scientists explain that the using of extra oil for cooking vegetable increases the antioxidant capacity that has Phenolic compound which is good for human body.just like  oil is healthier for human body in different other ways, also essential for eating purpose.  According to the other research the phenolic compounds are good in preventing dangerous diseases like cancer and diabetes.

Phenolic compounds are group of metabolites present in vegetable and plants these compounds are said to be protectors from pest, insects and play impotent role in preventing various degenerative illnesses, tumors or cardiovascular disease. Professor from the University of Granada, Cristina Samaniego Sánchez claims that the phinolic compound in vegetables increase by cooking vegetables in oil.

Most of the people know that cooking in oil increases fat in the food but study claims that as fat increases in the vegetables, Phenolic compound also increase in the vegetables. The study observed the fat, moisture and phenol compound in different vegetables like potato, eggplant, tomato, and pumpkin after boiling, deep frying and quick frying 120 gram of each vegetable individually.

They confirmed that the deep frying is the method that produces greatest associated increase in the Phenolic fraction. Higher level of antioxidant comes from frying vegetables and olive oil because it has its own Phenolic compounds that transfer to the vegetables during cooking.

french friesBoiling of water is only recommended when the water in which vegetable was boiled is also consumed like used in soup. It is important to note that the deep frying will increases the level of fat in the vegetables also it increase the calories density of the food because the increase of the calories density is depend on absorption of oil in the food.

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