Low-calorie Drinks Vital for Losing Weight & Reducing Calorie

low-calorie beveragesIslamabad: Most of the people are not aware that some low-calorie drinks are used to play vital role in weight losing as it always assume that cold drinks always increase body weight. A recent study in England has revealed that Diet Coke is helpful in losing weight as experts say low-sugar drinks are more beneficial than high sugar drinks.

Landmark survey experts say that low-calorie beverages are important for weight losing and low-calorie in body. Experts believe that drinking Diet Coke is more beneficial than drinking water.

Report In International Journal of Obesity: According to the report published in the International Journal of Obesity, it has said that beverages which contains low-calorie are beneficial for the good health. Experts are studying that whether Diet Coke with low sugar content makes body slimmer or just interrupt only in the process of hormones which gets the feeling of hunger.

Evidences have appeared while researching that low energy sweeteners such as aspartame are found in Diet Coke, Sprite, Coke Life and Diet Pepsi are used to reduce body weight.

Experts Of Bristol University Says:

Bristol University’s experts says that we can lose weight by maintaining energy intake and to use it accordingly. Experts say that this research is the answer of those people who ask low-calorie drinks reduce weight or not? The use of low-calorie drinks to reduce weight is associated with the energy taken by proteins, oil and carbohydrates on daily basis. Experts say the use of low calorie drinks can help in saving 75 to 514 calories daily as 500 ml bottle of Coke provides 200 calories while Diet Coke of the same size provides 2 calories.

Experts say that low-calorie drinks is also helpful in dental health despite of weight losing.

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