Positive Thinking Protects You From Heart Attack

protect from heart attackIt is saying that negative thinking brings negative impacts on your health as depression, anger and anxiety are directly link to your cardiac health. But when we think positively and try to live happy, our life get prolong and also saves us from several heart diseases. In this regard, researchers of Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) has found that positive thinking protect us from heart attacks, strokes and cardiac problems.

The study which has published in Physiological bulletin says that cardiovascular disease emerged as most common reason of death as more than 2,200 Americans die every day due to cardiac diseases. According to the author of research Julia Boehm, positive thoughts, content life and satisfaction play an important role in order to reduce risks of heart diseases. 50% risks of heart attacks reduced in those people who are psychological well-being as optimistic thinking and emotions protect people against cardiovascular disease, he added.

Researchers of this study further said that psychological well-being is associated with healthier behaviors such as excercising, good diet and proper sleep. They also added that proper biological functions are also important factor for healthier body and well-being as it is necessary to maintain to blood pressures, sugar, and cholesterol level as well as body weight too.


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