Saudi Court Sentences To Death Shiite Cleric

Saudi Court Sentences To Death Shiite ClericIn Saudi Arabia, A famous Shiite cleric was sentenced to death by a court, flashing fears of rehabilitated conflict from his supporters in the kingdom and neighboring Bahrain. Sheik Nimr al-Nimr’s case was seen closely by alternative Saudi Shiites in the eastern area of the greater part Sunni kingdom. The 54-year-old cleric’s case was watched as an indicator for Saudi Arabia’s handling of Shiite criticism over the past years and a clear point of zero temper to other Shiite activists.

Al-Nimr faced charges that take in violating the ruler, firing on security forces, spreading discord, and discouragement national unity and intrusive in the affairs of a sisterly nation. A declaration by the cleric’s family described the decision as optional, saying the judge had the alternative of ordering a lighter sentence.

The family said the decision sets a “dangerous example for next generation to come.”Prosecutors said for implementation followed by crucifixion. In Saudi Arabia, rules and regulation are followed and most death sentences are performed by beheading. A Shiite cleric was sentenced to death by a court Crucifixion in this background means the body and head would be shown public display so that they get lessons and avoid doing these things.

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