7 Workers Killed Including Pakistanis In Saudi Building Collapse

Saudi Building CollapseSeven construction workers were killed including Pakistanis, after in an incident of building collapse in Saudi Arabia. In this sad incident, around six construction workers are injured and 15 were still trapped. Initially it was told that around 50 workers were stuck under the concrete in the site at university in Qassim, which is situated in the northwest of Riyadh, the capital city. But according to the information provided by the Saudi Red Crescent Authority and Qassim University, seven persons were found dead including six Asian workers and one Egyptian. While six seriously injured people were taken to the hospital for the treatment.

Spokesman of the university, Bandar Al-Roshodi told the Arab media that eight workers were slightly hurt around 15 workers were still believed to be trapped in the concrete. He also added that most of the construction workers were from Pakistan, working on this site.

However the Governor of Qassim, Prince Faisal bin Mishaal had also visited the site where this incident took place, to oversee the rescue operation. Civil Defense Department, Saudi Red Crescent Authority, patrol police and other concerned security agencies are still busy in the rescue operations on site.

Saudi bloggers also demand the government to take some serious actions against the particular construction company to avoid such incidents in future.

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