Saudi Officials Stopped 98 thousand pilgrims from Hajj

hajjRIYADH: Saudi authorities stopped 98 thousand people those who came from different over the parts of the country doing illegal Hajj Pilgrims and have sent them back.Saudi Government  issued a report that traffic police and law enforcement agencies to monitor during Hajj pilgrims. Take care of them and they are alert to every possible facility, for the convenience of pilgrims to the holy Mosque and around 2 thousand vehicles have been arranged to stand.

The current traffic arrangements have been made to keep facilitating the Pilgrims in Makka and Medina. The police and emergency services as such ambulance facilities for pilgrims are available all the time.

[alert-success]The report also said the police and other agencies are keeping a close eye on the illegal movement. Police illegally to reach 25 thousand people and 216 vehicles of various types have prevented and sent them back.[/alert-success]

these vehicles were brought from abroad. 98 thousand pilgrims are who came for Hajj without permits. In addition to the violation of traffic rules has been also seized 85 vehicles.

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