NADRA Launched Smart National Identity Card (SNIC) IN Saudi Arabia

smaruThe Smart National Identity Card introduced by the Pakistani representative general in Jeddah would gain abroad Pakistanis in a different of ways. Jeddah is the first international goal to have introduced the Smart National Identity Card also well-known as the “3rd generation ID card” which would make sure overall convenience and safety for Pakistanis living abroad.

General Aftab A. Khokher said: “This is a landmark growth as it is the first time.SNIC has been introduced outside Pakistan, and Jeddah is the first abroad purpose to perform so.”
[/alert-success]NADRA is setting up to connection some special services with the SNIC, including cash transfer facilities, common flying miles programs, store chain discounts, Hajj and Umrah packages, pension payments, welfare schemes, restricted cash transfers, cash grants, E-voting and driving license issuance.[/alert-success]Khokher said that after its launch in Jeddah, the card would be set up in Dubai, followed by the United Kingdom, addition that the card will protect citizens recognized more efficiently by avoiding all types of fake.
“It is more trustworthy and protected with almost 36 built-in security characteristics which would give benifits to Pakistani nationals in different ways in the future,” he said.
“We are setting up to have the SNIC provided directly to the applicant’s home through synchronizing the mobile number of the applicant with the system,” he said.
Presently, the card takes an accidental insurance of 100,000 Pakistani rupees, comprehensive of the premium.
A normal SNIC, which will have a validity of seven years, will charge SR132 whereas the executive card will charge SR172.

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