Rehman Baba Express Train Review – Karachi To Peshawar

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Rehman Baba Express is a comparatively new train service which was launched for the route of Karachi to Peshawar. This review will provide all details for passengers who want to travel on Rehman Baba Express.

Rehman Baba Express ticket price & timing make it an attractive train service, but does it provide better economy or AC class in comparison with other services?

Journey Duration:

The first ting which gives Rehman Baba Train an edge on other services is timing and duration for the travel. It takes just 27 hours to complete the journey from Karachi Cantt to Peshawar Cantt.

If you want to save your precious hours then Rehman Baba is a great option for you as it covers the distance in 27 hours while other train takes far more time:

  • Awam Express takes 34 hours
  • Khushhal Khan Khattak takes 35 hours & 40 minutes
  • Khyber Mail takes 31 hours & 25 minutes

Which means by travelling with Rehman Baba, rather than Khyber Mail, you can reduce the journey by at least 4 hours and 25 minutes.

 Few Stops:


If you are someone who hates the disturbance during travelling then Rehman Baba is the best available train on Peshawar to Karachi route as the stops for the train are only 17 while other train services have far more stops:

  • Awam Express = 59 stops
  • Khushhal Khan Khattak = 42 stops
  • Khyber Mail = 43 stops


The ticket rates of Economy class for Khyber Mail and Awam Express are Rs. 1800 which is same as Rehman Baba, which means at same rates you can travel in a train which was recently refurbished and takes less time to complete the journey.

But for AC Business the prices are higher for Rahman Baba than Khyber Mail while Awam Express & Khushhal Khan Khattak has no AC Business class. The ticket prices for AC Business in Rehman Baba are Rs. 6,250 while in Khyber Mail the prices are Rs. 5,500 but this price change is also reflected in the overall service and condition of the train.

Rehman Baba Vs Khyber Mail:


As the bogies of Rehman Baba Express are new the condition of the inside cabins are in better condition than the interior of Khyber Mail which is one of the oldest train services on the route.

Charging slots, reading lights, table for eating food and dustbin all are available inside the cabin.

The AC and the fans are working, the seats and berths are in better condition and the toilets are clean. But despite better conditions Rehman Baba is not a state-of-the-art luxurious service as no food or beverages are provided during the journey, the railway service provides no LED or drinking water in the cabins.

pakistani train cabin

Pakistan Railways provide these facilities so that more people will start using train service for their journey which are more affordable than air tickets and more comfortable than bus services.

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