Obama Gives Young Illegal Immigrants Work Permits

Obama Gives Young Illegal Immigrants Work PermitsObama administration to start granting work permits to some young immigrants instead of deporting them. In the explosive issue of immigration in the United States, he is not afraid to give a kick in the anthill. Tired of inaction of Congress to fix a “broken” immigration system, Obama will act by presidential decree before the end of the year. The Democratic president is about to take one of the boldest decisions of his six years at the White House. It provides, according to the New York Times, to protect any return up to 5 million illegal immigrants out of the 11 in the country.

The Democratic administration is considering giving residence permits to illegal immigrants who have lived five or ten years in the United States. It has regularize the parents whose children are American or legally residing in the country, but also the Dreamers, children whose parents came to America illegally. The White House also questioned whether it is necessary to regularize the illegal farm workers who live in the country for years. But it stated that referrals will still de rigueur for foreign criminals and pose a threat to national security as well as for those who come across the border illegally. It is not excluded that the administration finally facilitates visas for employees of technology companies, to the delight of the Silicon Valley.

Commenting on Friday Burma where he was visiting the articles in the daily press, Barack Obama justified his future presidential decree: “I gave more than a year in the House of Representatives to vote on a bill [immigration] Senate. She did not “Democrat president warned members of Congress.” Thursday, Barack Obama won the support of 116 House Democrats, who urged in a letter to take” bold “action to reform the immigration system. The authors of the letter do not have any illusions: Republicans never adopt a comprehensive reform, but will instead take the system hostage to “preserve the status quo.” To spare his party, Barack Obama himself had rejected any order in the matter to a date after the midterm elections.


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