Safest Ways To Invest 25 To 30 Lacs To Get Good Profit in Pakistan?

What Are The Most Optimized And Safest Ways To Invest 25 To 30 Lacs To Get Good Profit?

Do a business which you are confident about with about 50% of money, and keep rest for the expense for couple of years. There are many options for that. Food and co-working space are couple of them.

If you don’t have plan for 1st, there are many people in Pakistan who have great ideas and even team, but lack investment. Identify few such businesses/people and invest about 500k (against 5-10%) or 1m (against 15-25%) in each business. Even if one of them get success, not only your investment will be recovered, but you will also get a good stream of revenue.

Some also suggested:

Buy gold

Mutual Funds

Invest in Bahria Town

Uber or Careem can bring good profits

Al Meezan Investment Mutual Fund

UBL Mutual Funds or NAFA Funds or NIT

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