Selfie With Dead Grand Father Jolts the Social Culture of Saudi Arabia

disrespectRecently a Saudi child posted a selfie on social media with the dead body of his grandfather. Taking a selfie is becoming an incurable disease around the globe. Those effected by this disease sometimes even undermine the ethical and cultural values and as a result disrespect the moral guidelines. The child who took the selfie was showing disrespect to the dead body of his grandfather. The caption of his picture on Facebook was “Good bye Grandfather”. People in Saudi Arabia along with people from other corners of the world have badly criticized the disrespect of the dead body and demanded from Saudi authorities to take some action.

Islam has emphasized on respecting the dead body and keeping special care of the body considering it an amanat of Allah which is returned to him. The wali of the deceased is the person responsible for taking care of all the burial process and ensuring that respect of the dead body is not undermined. Some of the youth of now a days don’t bother about the religious and cultural values. The selfie disease has contributed largely to this, as without contemplating the situation the youth are mad for taking a selfie and posting it on social media to share with their friends.

Taking too much selfies is a disease in view of some of psychologists. The grave problem is actually the undermining of religious and cultural values. The youth now simply want to do what they want to do without knowing the post effect of their actions. Taking care of the dead body until burial is a great responsibility which is not only culturally imposed but naturally too falls on the shoulders of the family of the deceased. It is medically argued that the dead body of the deceased has the energy to listen and feel what is happening around it but not the energy to react on it as other senses of human body die along with the death except for hearing and feeling which remains for a short period of times after the death. This fact too means that special care needs to be taken of the dead body of the deceased.

Facebook users in large number have expressed their reservations regarding the picture posted by the grandson. The people from Saudi Arabia have urged the authorities to find this grandson and take action against him. The Saudi authorities on the other hand said that they will find out the young boy who did this from Hospital records and CCTV videos.

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