UAE Removed Ban From Pakistan Poultry

A ban was imposed on the import of poultry products of Pakistan from the United Arab Emirates government a few years back. The reason for imposing the ban was the disease of bird flew that was wide spread in the poultry of Pakistan at that time. Not only the U.A.E government but many other countries imposed a ban on it.

However when the Pakistani government in around 2008 declared that the poultries of country were then free of the disease due to the efforts of the government. The members of Pak government also invited the U.A.E government to restart the trade process of poultry products between both the countries. On which a meeting was set between the ambasidor of U.A.E Essa Abdullah Al Basha Al Noami who visited Pakistan and met the federal Minister of National Food Security and Research (MNFSR) and also the secretary of MNFSR Seerat Asghar.

Both the Minister and the Secretary made it clear that the issue of bird flu is over and it also had been declared safe by the recent visit of Saudi delegation that visited the country. Also the Saudi delegation declared the livestock and poultry both as safe for export.

Mr. Bosan said that both the countries Pakistan and U.A.E had much potential in the field of trade especially in the areas of livestock and poultry. In reply the ambassador Mr. Noaimi said that Pakistan has much scope and potential of increasing its exports and also made it clear that U.A.E is now satisfied and will soon restart the trade.

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