Dubai Islamic Bank & Remittance Issue   

People say that government institutions are bad when it comes to dealing with the customers but private sector is not any good either.

I work for a Chinese company and receive monthly salary via remittance transfer every month. Since past one year I had been receiving it smoothly.

My last month’s remittance has still not been transferred in to my account. Initially the bank insisted such a transaction did not take place but then I provided them the SWIFT code which serves as the proof of the transaction.

Till one week they were still not able to locate my money and kept denying receiving it EVEN AFTER SWIFT MESSAGE WAS PROVIDED TO THEM

Then today finally it was revealed that the remittance department has stopped the money due to ‘some issues’

To find out there were ‘some issues’ took the bank 11 days and STILL they are not sure what the issues are…

I am the sole supporter of my family and I guess you all can relate what a 15 days delay can mean to a household

I want to ask the bank WHY THESE ISSUES WERE NOT TOLD TO ME IN THE FIRST PLACE? why it took 11 days to acknowledge they had received the money and stop the blame game between my company’s bank and DIB

Who is now responsible for the penalties I’ll have to pay on utility bills? Who is responsible for the mental torture I had to go through?

I used to think really high of Dubai Islamic Bank but after this incidence , I will never recommend this back to anyone especially if their families live from one pay check to another

By Arman Salim


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