Pakistani School’s Remarkable Victory: $100,000 Zayed Sustainability Prize at  COP28 in the UAE

A Pakistani school has secured the prestigious Zayed Sustainability Prize, worth $100,000, for its groundbreaking efforts in water conservation and organic farming.

The announcement came during the UN climate conference held in Dubai, where the school emerged as the best Global School in South Asia.

A School with a Vision

Operated by the Kashmir Orphan Relief Trust (KORT), the winning institution represents hope and resilience. Competing against two other finalists from India and Bangladesh, the school’s success is a testament to its unwavering commitment to sustainability.

Honoring Sheikh Zayed’s Legacy

The Zayed Sustainability Prize recognizes and rewards small and medium enterprises, non-profit organizations, and high schools for addressing health, food, energy, water, and climate-related challenges.

Over the past 15 years, the prize has been awarded to 106 recipients, positively impacting the lives of a staggering 384 million people worldwide.

Tackling Water Scarcity and Promoting Organic Farming

The winning project focuses primarily on water conservation due to the looming water crisis in Pakistan, which is projected to happen in 2025. Sumaiya Bibi, a 19-year-old representative of the trust, emphasized their plans to establish water filtration plants and sensor taps within the school to minimize water wastage.

Additionally, they aim to cultivate a kitchen garden through organic farming to provide students with nutrition from organically grown food. These initiatives aim to address immediate environmental concerns while nurturing future generations.

A Beacon of Hope

The KORT School and College of Excellence was established in 2016 to support children orphaned in the devastating 2005 earthquake. Today, it serves over 500 students, offering education, boarding facilities, food, clothing, and medical care.

As we celebrate the triumph of this Pakistani school on the global stage, it reminds us that even in the face of adversity, positive change is possible.

The prize money will further the school’s mission to implement clean water and organic farming projects in rural areas. In an era where sustainability is paramount, their work inspires us all, demonstrating the power of innovation, dedication, and education to create a better world.

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