List Of Cancer-Causing Items

cancer cellUN sub-organization “International Agency for Research on Cancer” (IARC) has issued long list of good which have cancer causing substance after completion its 50 years. 22 experts from 10 countries of United Nations has declared canned meat as a reason of intestine cancer after receiving appropriate evidence and told that the risk of intestinal cancer increased by 18% eating 50 grams of canned meat daily.

According to a list released by experts, here the following cancer causing substances:

  • Long sun bask
  • Aluminum making
  • Changes in coal gas
  • Arsenic in water
  • Making acid
  • Making certain color
  • Coal wire laying on the road
  • Eating Tobacco
  • Betel nuts
  • Diesel smoke
  • Certain Mineral Oils
  • A medication to relieve pain and fever Finacut
  • Polychlorinated biphenyls
  • Ash of black smoke
  • Wood mock
  • Steel dehydrator
  • Environmental pollution

According to experts, azathioprine, beryllium cadmium, methyl CC NU, several contraceptives, medicines of hormone therapy, ethyl oxide, and formaldehyde, main component used in electronics gallium arsenide, hepatitis B and C viruses and HIV can also cause cancer. While human papillomavirus type 16 and other types are also responsible for cancer.

On the other hand, Agency chief Dr Christopher Wild and his team have also released a list which can also become a reason of other diseases including hepatitis B and C despite of cancer. Smoking, alcohol, arsenic and asbestos are on the top in this list.

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