Pakistani Ancestry Records Can Be Sought By Civil Registration

NAPIf one wants to know about his ancestors, one can hunt the record down from the ancestry records which are maintained by National Archives of Pakistan which is located in Islamabad. This government organization is actually responsible for managing records along with conserving it along with reprography. The organization has five basic Divisions which are, Public Record Division, Private collection Division, Repair and Conservation Division, and Microfilming and Photostatting Unit.

The major functions of National Archives of Pakistan (NAP) include acquisition, preservation, dissemination and conservation of the archives. The NAP has in record about 18000 rare books and the oldest documents are from 1848. The records also include audio and videos of prominent Muslim leaders of the time when Pakistan Movement was underway for acquiring freedom. The archive also serves for aiding Scholars in their research work. NAP also facilitates the research. The preserved records are in hard copy and soft copy form which can easily referred to in the future. The photocopy facility is also available at a very nominal cost.

The office National Archives of Pakistan is located in Islamabad. The contact details and Address is provided below.

Contact: 051-9202044

Address: National Archives of Pakistan (NAP), Pakistan Secretariat Block N, Islamabad.


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