Contemporary Mosquitoes Dangerous Than ones in the Past

MosquitoesWe have previously shared a research regarding mutant mosquitoes developed to fight malaria and possible potential treatment against Pneumonia, Sepsis, and now we are discussing rapidly increasing numbers of mosquitoes in both the rural and urban areas. Yes it is true; people in both the rural and urban areas are affected from the rapidly increasing numbers of mosquitoes which are the main reason behind dangerous diseases. People are thinking on a serious issue that how to get rid of these mosquitoes because they are getting more dangerous than ones in the past. You can also read how to prepare for diseases due to weather changes & cold.

In the last few years, many different types of mosquitoes have been emerged and scientists are busy in researches of different solutions to get rid of these mosquitoes. Main reasons behind increasing numbers and new types of mosquitoes are garbage outside homes and on streets and sewerage water on roads and streets. Mosquitoes only bites people at night some years ago but they have also started biting in the day time also, which is very irritating for the people.

Experts have warned that if some preventive measures will not be taken against mosquitoes, some day they will ruled the world and their numbers will be increased than men.

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