Pakistan PM Salary & Benefits

PM Pakistan Nawaz ShareefThe Prime Minister of a democratic country remains the most authoritative and executive authority of the country; therefore, he enjoys not only power to lead the whole nation but also he is granted a bunch of benefits and packages.

The package of Prime Minister varies from country to country and which depends on the development as well as on the level of economic growth of the country.

Similarly, Pakistan is being a democratic country its prime minister also enjoys the power and handsome benefits packages with his/her salary, who is granted billion of rupees on the name salary and more than billion as package. But, there are two different perspectives on granted salary and packages of the prime minister.

The First perspective believes that Pakistan is being an under developing country and which is not economically growth in a level which is offering billions of rupees to a single prime on the name of salary and personal benefits; while, the second perspective believes that the prime minister is enjoying a fair amount of package and salary and even should be given more than this amount, because if he is not given a flexible amount to spend for his personal use, he will ill means for collecting money he definitely start doing corruption.

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