Tips For Black Points On Driving License In Dubai

Traffic ViolationDubai is one of the most attractive countries in the world and it is also financial hub of Middle East. Tourists from all over the world visit Dubai in a large number every year to enjoy shopping and state of art. Due to these facts, many Pakistani and other nationals are also settled in Dubai for their businesses and jobs. Many of them also have driving license and their own cars in Dubai. The careless driving in Dubai by any driver would resulted in black points made on their driving license. All the traffic violations in Dubai resulted in some type of penalties and you have to pay it any way. Almost all the traffic violation fines made within Dubai are recorded with 48 hours and immediately, notifications are sent.

Rules of Black Point

  • Due to increasing traffic incidents in Dubai, Police has included the system of black point on driving license to control it.
  • In this system, certain number of black points are made against your driving license. For example, if any child below 13 years of age is found sitting on the front seat, the driver will be given 4 black points and 100 Dirham fine will be charged.
  • The driver could be banned from driving any type of vehicle in case of 24 black points made on his driving license.
  • Black points are also charged for speeding, non-renewal of driving license and reckless driving.

In Case Of Driving a Rental Car

  • If the driver is driving a rental car, then the car hire company would have to pay the fine.
  • So, if you have to contact with the car hire company and follow their advice in this regards.
  • Normally the cost of possible traffic fines are charged by the car hire companies from the driver, that is included in the package.

Transfer of Black Points

  • The traffic violation fines are charged from the drivers and black points made against the owner of particular vehicle.
  • Car owner is having an option of whether to transfer the black points to the driver, who was driving vehicle at that time or keep it with him.
  • If the driver has any reservations regarding black point made against him, he can contact Dubai police on 8007777.
  • The vehicle owner is required to visit the customer care center of Dubai Police in order to transfer black points.

Validity Of Black Points

  • The total sum of black points will have a validity of one year.
  • The driving licence will be cancelled for at least one year if black points exceed 24 at any time.
  • The violator of traffic rules will be given one month time from the issuance to submit their fine.

How To Remove or Reduce Black Points

  • Dubai Police are giving an opportunity to the violators to remove maximum 8 black points from their license by attending the 4 lectures on the road safety.
  • But the drivers will have to also pay fines for the removal of black points.
  • Those drivers who had already get 24 points are not eligible to attend the lectures.

Speed Limits While Driving

  • Over speeding is the common traffic violation that is committed by most of the drivers in Dubai.
  • The speed limits in urban areas while driving are from 60 to 80 Km/Hour.
  • The speed limits on main highways are from 100 to 120 Km/Hour.
  • The minimum speed limit in in residential areas is 40 km/Hour.
  • Always keep it in your mind that you cannot able to cheat with the Dubai Police in case of any traffic violation because there are several CCTV cameras fitted all over the city that are also monitored 24/7.

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