Saudi Arabia To lift 7 Year Ban on Bangladeshi Labour

Ministry of Labour LogoThe largest Arab state in western Asia, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which is home for million of South Asian workers is to lift seven year ban on Bangladeshi Labour. The ban was put in the year 2008 when the kingdom had met the quota of Bangladeshi work force while there were also the rumours that some Bangladeshi workers living in Saudi Arabia involved in criminal activities as reported by the Interior Ministry. At the time of putting ban on Bangladeshi Labour, there were no dates given to lift this restriction.

After a meeting between Saudi Labour Minister Adel Fakeih and Bangladeshi Minister for Expat Welfare and Overseas Employment Khandker Hossain, the announcement was made to lift ban on Bangladeshi workforce in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. However, Saudi authorities last year provided the information that they are ready to lift the ban on Bangladeshi Labour and the final decision was made after meeting with the Bangladeshi Minister. Adel Fakeih had focus on hiring skilled labour with having orientation programs for employees in Bangladesh by testing the skills and to meet the required standards of workforce.

It is to be noted that Bangladesh was one of the largest labour supplier to Saudi Arabia and now approximately 3.5 Million Bangladeshi’s are working there.

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