How to Apply for Family Visit Visa Online in Saudi Arabia

Family VisaSaudi Arabia is one of the largest oil producing country in the world and due to this fact, many citizens of different countries go there for jobs and businesses. Pakistani citizens also go there in a large number to find jobs according to the requirements. There are some professions in Saudi Arabia by which Pakistani or other nationals can apply for family visa and live there along with family. There are two ways for Pakistani or other nationals to bring their family with them in Saudi Arabia. First way is to bring them on permanent visa and second one is to bring your family on visit visa. So here we are explaining the second way which is to apply for family visit visa online in Saudi Arabia.

Documents Required To Apply For Family Visa in Saudi Arabia

  • First of all, you should have your valid original Iqama.
  • Copy of your valid passport is also required.
  • Copy of each member passport is also required for which you are applying for family visit visa.
  • You should check whether your profession is mentioned in the list for which family visit visa is acceptable, by Here
  • If your profession doesn’t matches with the list provided by the Ministry of Interior, you would have to change your profession on Iqama first.

Eligible Members Who Could Be Invited On Family Visa

  • Brother
  • Children
  • Father
  • Father in Law
  • Mother
  • Mother in Law
  • Sister
  • Sister in Law
  • Wife

Step by Step Procedure To Apply For Family Visit Visa

Online Application Filing

  • The first step to apply for family visit visa is to file an online application.
  • You can easily go to Ministry of Interior website directly by Here
  • Click on the English option mentioned at the top left.
  • Now click on “Individuals” and then go for “Resident” option.
  • Click on “Family Visit Visa Option” and then fill out the form carefully.

Verification Of The Application From Chamber of Commerce

  • After submitting an application, you need to verify it from Chamber of Commerce.
  • Just keep in mind that that it could be only sign in and verified by the Chamber of Commerce situated in the city you are working.
  • The public sector employees or the employees of the companies which are owned by the government doesn’t need to verify the form from Chamber of Commerce.
  • 30 Saudi Riyal to be submitted for each application form in the Chamber.
  • Chamber of Commerce will take copy of your application and give you another print out of your application after verification.

Online Status Checking Of Application

  • The Ministry of Interior officially say 3 days but the procedure could take a week for visa.
  • You can check the online status of your application form by Here
  • Enter your application number and Iqama number and get the status of your application.

Application To Be Submitted in Saudi Embassy

  • After the approval of family visa, you should send the application number to the relative in your home country.
  • The visit visa must be stamped from Saudi embassy or consulate in the home country within 3 month period of issuance.
  • To avoid any problem, get the services of the agents in this regards, they will charge some amount and get the stamped on the visa from embassy or consulate.
  • Saudi Government has established Etimad centers in Pakistan for the services of Visa, so you can also easily get the stamp on your visa by providing them the following documents.

Documents To Be Submitted In Saudi Embassy or Consulate

  • Original passport
  • Copy of the sponsor Iqama
  • Copy of the sponsor Passport
  • 2-4 Passport size photos
  • Authorization letter if you are applying for your sister visa, from her husband.
  • Marriage certificate and wife Iqama if you are applying for the visa of your In-Laws.
  • If all above procedure goes rightly, you can able to bring your relatives In Saudi Arabia within 3 months.

Some Important Points To Be Noted

  • If the online application is rejected once, don’t worry and try it again and again until and unless it would be selected.
  • Visa can be stamped by the embassy or consulate within 3 months.
  • When visa is stamped by the embassy or consulate, it is valid for 3 months and you should have to travel within this period.
  • The expats living in Saudi Arabia are responsible for their family members and in case of their overstay, 25000 Saudi Riyal per day will be fined
  • So make it possible to leave 2 or 3 days before the visa expires.

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