How To Get Attestation Of UK Degree For Saudi Arabia From Pakistan

AttestationSaudi Arabia is one of the largest oil producing country in the world and due to this fact, many citizens of different countries go there for jobs and businesses. Pakistani citizens also go there in a large number to find jobs according to the requirements. It is necessary for all the Pakistani citizens who got their Masters or Graduation degree from UK, to attest their degree from Higher Education Commission before submitting it to Saudi embassy or cultural mission.

Below is the procedure to get the attestation of UK degree for Saudi Arabia from HEC, Pakistan:

Procedure To Get Attestation Of UK Degree

  • First of all, you have to take an appointment from British Council in Islamabad on their helpline.
  • Then you should go to British Council Islamabad to get your UK degree attested.
  • The British Council will provide you 4 attested photo copies of your degree.
  • Now visit HEC office to get an equivalent certificate for foreign degree, after taking an appointment.
  • Take both the degree and equivalent certificate to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs office to get the attestation.
  • After attestation from MOFA, again visit HEC to get attestation on equivalence certificate.
  • Now, the whole procedure of your UK degree attestation is completed. You can now proceed with Saudi embassy or cultural center for the visa processing.

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