Guidelines And Tips To Settle Down In Canada

CanadaCanada is a developed and one of the wealthiest countries in the world and have tenth highest nominal per capita income globally. Economic freedom, quality of life, civil liberties, education and government transparency, marked Canada on the eighth highest ranking in the Human Development Index. Due to these features, people from all over the world visit Canada to find jobs of their desire and to settle down there easily in order to earn large amount. So here we are explain the tips and guidelines for those who wants to settle down in Canada after immigration.

Tips For Border Checks and Canadian Rules

  • For settling down in Canada, you must have to pass the border checks cleanly.
  • First of all, just keep it in your mind that you can bring household items from your country for your personal use without any duty or charges. Books and Jewelry worth less than $60 are exempted from duty.
  • You would have to pay the duty of goods which will be taken for business purpose.
  • All the required documents must be with you at the time of border checking and you will not allowed to enter if missed any document.
  • Valid passports, Canadian immigration visa or confirmation of permanent residence for every person are required.
  • You must have two copies of complete list of the household and personal items bringing along with you.
  • Birth certificates, marriage certificates, educational records, reference letters and professional experience certificates must be with you.
  • Don’t carry cash amount of more than $10,000 with you, otherwise there is a risk of being jailed.

Searching For Accommodation To Live In Canada

  • First of all, select the city in which you want to live in, keeping in view the restrictions by Canadian Government imposed on you.
  • Some big cities of Canada like Montreal and Toronto are most favorites of immigrants just because of larger employment opportunities, while small cities like Ottawa and Calgary provide peaceful and relaxed lifestyle.
  • After choosing a city to live in, you have to find out a house for residence. Normally a rental room costs $350 and whole apartment costs $2000 per month. Most of the Canadians spend 50% of their monthly income on house rent, property tax, payment of house mortgage and utilities.
  • If you are planning to buy your own house, you have to take mortgage from local banks and financial institutions that will be granted after assessing your income, credit worth and assets. However, it is better to live in rental house in the beginning.

Searching For a Job In Canada

  • Migrants generally face huge problems for finding jobs of their desire in the beginning because employers prefer candidates who had previous experience of working in Canada.
  • Your degree doesn’t contains any value in Canada because of high standard of education there, so you have to start your career with an ordinary job and then step forward after gaining some experience.
  • Students can also work for part time during their studies and many Canadian companies offer internships and part time jobs in the season.

Health Insurance

  • For the first three months, some provinces in Canada doesn’t offer health insurance for immigrants.
  • It is good to avail state health insurance in order to save high cost of healthcare you might need any time.
  • You can also check health policy of Canada before any treatment and paying bills

Living Expenses In Canada

  • The lifestyle which you adopt in Canada will decide your living expenses.
  • Attending parties, drinking, smoking and eat outside will definitely effect your monthly budget.
  • If you want to have your own car in Canada, then you will have to spend more money on fuel, insurance and maintenance.
  • Try to cook food for your own in Canada instead of eating out daily because food is very expensive in Canada due to heavy taxes.

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