On Time Medical Treatment, Can Save Your Life

ScienceBangalore: Life’s happiness depends on being well, even if a person does not fit the world so he should find it. No one can be happy until he stays healthy and fit. So never neglect your health and continue getting check-up time to time. So here we are bringing a few health tips which are helpful such as Diabetes inspection every second or third month to check the amount of haemoglobin in the body through blood tests. Normal Sugar levels must be 6.5% and more than the presence of haemoglobin in the body is a sign of diabetes disease, so in that case, consult your doctor immediately.

To avoid heart disease should undergo various tests. This test can be started before the age of 20, but after 45 years of age must have to adopt this habit. Check blood pressure and heart rate and let heart specialist review and identify unusual activity that may alarm means.

Routine dental examination is also essential because of aging seem to be problems with the teeth and gums. In addition, a lot of people who use alcohol or smoke, so the concerns of the cancer may be. Eye vision inspection not only reveals but also shows signs of diabetes. Should get eyes checked at the age of 65 every two years and every 6 to 12 months.

Cholesterol: check-up the cholesterol level in the body is another useful tool. Our body makes cholesterol in two ways, which led to a HD and the other is called LDL. If during the inspection HDL 40 and LDL below 130, then it is a sign of illness caused the severe risks.

In addition, bone, breast, cervical cancer screening, transfusion and glands of the colon should be examined regularly, as the result of negligence in the event of a major disaster victims may appear.

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