Interesting Research Related To People Affected From Back Pain

ChimpanzeeLower back pain is gradually increasing among the people and the affected people adopt several ways of treatment to get cure from this disease. But normally they failed to do so because of unidentified causes of pain. However scientists have now discovered the main cause of back pain which is very interesting. Scientists have revealed that the people, who have spine similar in shape to the chimpanzee, suffer from lower back pain. This is just because of the disorder found in the back bone that creates pain in the lower back of man.

Scientists from Iceland, Canada and Scotland have conducted the joint research on a particular problem of lower back pain, in which they have briefly study the spinal structure of chimpanzees and man. As a result, scientists found that those people more likely to have spine similar with chimpanzee one normally suffer from lower back pain.

“Our findings show that the vertebrae of humans with disc problems are closer in shape to those of our closest ape relatives, the chimpanzee, than are the vertebrae of humans without disc problems,” scientists said.

Experts have said that the new findings will help to diagnose and solve the health problems in this modern age.

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