Tips For Healthy Teeth And Gums

teethNew Delhi: Disease of Gums and teeth has troubled people for centuries. These diseases also become the root cause of other diseases. Research has proven that by using some basic home remedies, you can prevent your teeth from decay and disease and have healthy teeth and gums.

Mental stress: according to the study of Academy of general Dentistry, metal stress weakens the immune system so that you may not be able to fight with bacteria responsible for diseases in the teeth and gums. So stay away from mental stress.

Salty water: Take one cup of hot water and dissolve salt in it. Then take a sip of water and retain it in your mouth for 30 seconds and then spit it out. Do this exercise everyday 2 times a day to prevent your gums from swelling and other infections.

Honey: Rub honey on your infected areas in your mouth so that honey can use its natural healing abilities to cure infections.

Cranberry juice: Drink 4 ounce of cranberry juice everyday as it prevents germs from clinging to your gums.

Lemon paste:  Make a lemon paste with salt and apply it on your gums where you feel the pain. Then use water to rinse the teeth.

Diet rich in vitamin C: Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant which will protect your teeth from diseases. Take vitamin C rich diet such as Grapes, papaya and strawberries.

Diet rich in Vitamin D: Vitamin D will cure swollen gums and will also prevent it from happening again so take vitamin D in your diet.

Soda: Rub Soda on your gums as it will act as a natural acid and remove the germs from your teeth.

Smoking: Quit smoking as it will destroy your immune system and cause various infections in your mouth.


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