Special PIA Flight For Prime Minister Of Pakistan

PiaKarachi: A special flight has been organized by PIA to bring the prime Minister of Pakistan, Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif and his family members from Jeddah to Pakistan. The flight K-7644 will fly empty from Pakistan on 29th July to receive the Prime Minister of Pakistan and his family. According to reports, the Prime Minister will be accompanied by 33 other  members on a flight that has a capacity of 329 passengers. Talk about extravagance!

The Prime Minister of Pakistan will be coming back from Jeddah through this flight with 23 family members. His family members will be accommodated in the business class, while 10 other various members will be seated in the economy class of flight K 7644 of Pakistan International Airlines. The flight will return to Pakistan on the morning of 30th July from Jeddah.

According to reports, the PIA personnel’s have declined to give further more details about the flight.

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