Travelling tips for Pakistanis in Covid-19

Covid-19 came with lockdowns and travel restrictions, but gradually countries started to ease those travel restrictions not only for local and international travelers. Many Pakistanis are also travelling locally and internationally either due to some work related issues or for tourism, if you are one of them then here are some tips for you.

Follow SOPs:

Though countries have eased the restrictions but the deadly virus is still here and each day thousands of people are being effected. This is why it is important that you wear your masks, keep social distance and wash your hands regularly.

Safe Transport:

Choose car if you are travelling locally as it reduces the risk of interaction with masses. If you are planning to visit Swat, Skardu, Kashmir, beaches in Balochistan or Northern areas in Pakistan then using your own car or using rent a car will be a more feasible option during Covid-19.


Open spaces are a more healthy option during this pandemic, so camping or open huts with proper ventilation will be a better option for stay.

You can also opt for a room in a hotel but you should ensure that they are properly disinfecting the place, air filter works and is spacious to make social distancing.


When finalizing location of your visit make sure to choose a natural site rather than a metropolitan city, during pandemic travelling to beautiful places such as Kumrat valley is safer than cities such as Lahore, Istanbul and Paris.

 Not only you will be at a higher risk but due to restrictions imposed by most governments, tourism in cities will not be as entertaining as before. Many events are cancelled, many iconic landmarks are closed, indoor activities are restricted and many other issues will affect the quality of your tour.

So if you are planning to travel then choose the destination wisely, book your stay in an open air space or in a hotel with proper ventilation, choose your transport wisely and follow all SOPs.  

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