Skardu Cold Desert Location, Map & Incredible Pictures

Katpana Desert

Katpana Desert is a cold desert located in Skardu region of Pakistan’s Gilgit Baltistan region which is covered in snow during winter and the temperature can drop to -17 °C making it one of the coldest deserts in Pakistan.

The concept of sand dunes on a height of 7,303 feet above sea level is something which attracts tourists to Skardu Desert which is also known as Biama Nakpo.


Skardu Cold Desert

The desert area stretches from Khaplu Valley in Gilgit to Ladakh in Indian occupied Kashmir, in Gilgit the most visited part of the Katpana desert is near Hussainabad where Gilgit Airport is located.

The desert area is on the edge of Indus River and other beautiful tourist sites such as Satpara Lake and Shangrila Resort Hotel is just few minutes’ drive from Skardu Desert, this is why it is a great tourist destination in Pakistan.

Check this Google map to know the exact location of the place:


These are some amazing & incredible photographs of Katpana Desert during different seasons and weather. During summer it is a rough and dry place but unlike any other desert it is not hot, not even in summer when the temperature hardly reaches 27 °C.

But winter can be too cold in the Skardu desert, especially after snow fall when the temperatures can is around -17 °C.

katpana desert skardu

The snow covered sand dunes are a unique site for visitors and many tourists reach the spot to enjoy this amazing scene during December & January. Due to snow it is also known as White Desert of Skardu.

Sarfaranga Desert Rally:

Skardu Desert Jeep Rally

Sarfaranga Desert Rally is held in Skardu each year such as it was held in 2019, 2018 and previous years during which dozens of people from across Pakistan participate.

The event is held in collaboration of Government with private corporations to promote tourism in Pakistan.

cold desert skardu

The racing track of Sarfaranga is unique than most of the desert tracks in Pakistan as it contains different terrains such as Soft sand, Gravel, Water Crossing & amazing Karakoram Mountain range.

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