Lasani Express Train Schedule & Daily timings

Lasani Express TrainLasani Express train is the Pakistani train that runs daily between Capital city of Punjab Lahore Junction to Sialkot. It is the popular train offering economy class and affordable rates. The train departs daily from Lahore junction at 15:40 and reaches Sialkot Junction at 19:35.

Lahore Junction to Narowal Junction

Lasani Express train 125 UP departs daily from famous tourists place, Lahore Junction at 15:40 and passes through Shahdara Bagh Junction, Kala Khatai, Narang, Mehta Suja, Baddomalhi, Raya Khas, Pejowali and reaches Narowal Junction at 17:55. Narowal was previously known as Bara Pind Lohtian. Narowal has a big library that has more than 3500 books on various topics. Gurdwara Baba Guru Nanak is a famous temple in Narowal.

Narowal Junction to Sialkot Junction

The train departs from Narowal Junction at 18:00 and goes through Domala, Alipur Sayadan Sharif, Kila Sobha Singh, Pasrur, Chawinda, Alhar, Gunna Kalan and reaches Sialkot Junction at 19:35.

Sialkot Junction to Narowal Junction

Lasani Express 126 Down departs daily from Sialkot Junction at 05:30 and passes by Gunna Kalan, Chawinda, Pasrur, Alipur Sayadan Sharif and reaches Narowal Junction at 07:00. Sialkot is famous all around the world for its good quality sports goods manufacturing.

Narowal Junction to Lahore Junction

The train leaves Narowal Junction at 07:05 and passes by Pejowali, Baddomalhi, Narang, Shehdara Bagh Junction and reaches Lahore Junction at 09:10. Tourists are attracted towards the capital city of Punjab province Lahore which has many historic buildings and holds an important place in history. It is also famous for its delicious foods and hospitality of people.

Information about Ticket pricing and fare charges can be inquired by calling at Lahore railway station at phone number  +92-42-99201941

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