Top Things to Do In Kusadasi –A Turkish Beach Resort Town

kusadasiKusadasi which actually is a district of Aydin province in Turkey, located at the Aegean Coast. The town is the center of the Aydin District as well. Kusadasi is also host to early ages’ art the presence of fine antiques in the city speaks volumes about it. Kusadasi is an attraction for the foreign visitors along with the local Turkish visitors as well. The Island ‘Guvercin Ada’ also connects to Kusadasi but with a very narrow passage, the island itself is of the shape of a bird’s head which actually is the source of the name of the mainland, and the town had different names during different reigns.

If you are planning to visit Kusadasi you may make the list of the places you want to visit. This article will help you in doing so. The tourists attractions in the city along with the beautiful beaches include the Kaleci Mosque known to be built in 1618 is a piece of art itself. Ancient walls of the city are still present along with one gate only, previously the city had three gates only one has survived. You can also find your way to number of aqua parks present nearby offering different activities.

If you have time then do plan a one day trip to Guvercin Adasi, actually the boats leave from Kusadasi daily for one day trip of Guvercin Adasi. Guvercin Adasi is a beautiful island which offers an amazing experience it has private beaches along with a number of water sports games at the beaches, hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars and shops are present in abundance there. About 30 Kilometers south of Kusadasi Turkey’s most protected National park is also present the park is known to be one of the most diverse park.

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