Sita White & Imran Khan Secret Relation

imran khan with sita whiteThe biggest scandal of Imran Khan’s life has been his secret relation with Sita white and being father of Tyrian White which Imran Khan always rejected.

Imran Khan & Sita White met in Jermyn Street nightclub, the relationship was short lived and Imran Khan soon parted his ways. They met in 1991 for the last time after which they were not seen together, later Imran Khan married Jemima Khan.

In 1992 Sita White gave birth to a daughter which she named Tyrian White. Who was father of Tyrian was a secret which she kept initially but later revealed Pakistani sportsmen Imran Khan as the father of her child.

imran khan with daughter

Imran Khan denounced the accusation while Sita White filed a case against Imran Khan. He failed to appear in the paternity case and said he cannot travel from country to country due to my busy schedule.

The judge in California declared Imran Khan as father of Tyrian White.

Imran Khan never publically accepted Tyrian as her daughter, his biography skips the whole affair with Sita White. He fathered two sons Qasim Khan & Sulaiman Isa Khan from his marriage with Jemima Khan which also ended years later due to his political work.

The issue has been used by opponents of Imran Khan to disqualify him from elections in Pakistan.

Life of Sita White:

Sita was married with an Italian photographer Francesco in 1986, it is said that when she was a married woman when she met with Imran Khan for the first time. The coupled divorce after things did not go well between them.

In 1996 and 2002 she again married with Alan Marshall and John Ursich, both didn’t go well.  At the time of her death she was fighting a divorce petition against her husband.

Similarly her relationship with father, brother and other family members were never at good terms. She believed they deprived her from her right of inheritance.

Jemima Khan & Tyrian:

Imran Khan’s ex-wife Jemima is in good relation with Tyrian Jade White, on multiple occasions she shared pictures with her.

Similarly the sons of Imran Khan also meet her, photographs of all children of Imran Khan are easily accessible on internet.

tyrian, qasim and sulaiman

They also celebrated the birthday of Tyrian together which Jemima Khan called her step daughter. This also indicates that the claim made by Sita White were true.

qasim, sulaiman & tyrian

Imran Khan always spends time with his kids from first marriage but it seems that he avoided meeting Tyrian. There is only one picture available in which Tyrian can be seen sitting with Imran Khan.

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