Fortunate Pakpattan Survivor States The Horrific Tale

bloodRecent horrific incident has grasped the people of Sahiwaal in a state of terror and shock. After this inhumane incident, the people of Sahiwaal will never feel safe outside their homes. A gang has come to surface which is involved in the kidnapping of young men of Sahiwaal and then taking the blood and the organs out of these kidnapped boys to leave them to die. This gang recently released their sixth victim at a roadside, miraculously unharmed.

The sixth victim was the son of Khoshi Chabeel, who was kidnapped from Pakpatan Sahiwaal road at Noor Jhang. The victim states that he was immediately made to smell something that made him unconscious. When he regained his consciousness, he found himself in a dismal room with other unconscious victims. Some had undergone surgery, while some were dead and some were having their blood taken out. This horrific scene took life out of the victim and he again lost his consciousness.

The victim stated that he was kept for a week by his captors. In his semi-conscious state, he heard a man holding some surgical instruments instructing his partners to kill him and dump him elsewhere as he was useless to them. He was fortunate enough to be left alive at the roadside or no one would have heard his sorry tale. This is the sixth incident of 2014. Earlier a victim was abducted from the vicinity of Fareed Nagar police station in Pakpatan. This victim was found nearly dead. His blood had been taken out. On recovery, the victim reported the incident to the police station, upon which no action has been taken to date.

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