Teenage Girls Device An Effective System To Catch Terrorists

eeman abdur razzaq and dastaanArbeel: Most of the countries are under terrorist attacks and the people are trapped in the dilemma of how to deal with these terrorist activities and then negate them. Two 18 year old girls living in Kurdistan, Eeman Abur Razzaq and Dastaan Usman, were also bust thinking on the same lines when they got struck by a brilliant idea of detecting bombs. The two girls have been severely affected by a bombing incident near their school at the state department of Kurdistan, which left 19 dead.

According to these teenage girls, the system to scan cars for bombs is very slow. This scanning equipment disrupts the traffic and has a high probability of errors involved. The two girls suggested that bomb detecting equipment should be installed at both the sides of the road and should be kept hidden from the public. They also suggested the installation of CCTV night vision cameras. This equipment will scan the cars as they pass. These cameras have the potential to catch ultra violet rays, so when the bomb scanner will emit ultra violet rays, the police will immediately see it on their screens.

One scanner costs 2.5 lac dollars, which meant that the two girls were unable to test their idea themselves. But the scanner manufacturing company LDS stated that this idea may work. This system will allow scanning of 64 thousand cars daily. Various companies have contacted the girls regarding their idea.

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