Jamima Accused Of Mistreatment By 31 Year Old Masseuse

jemimaLondon: Former wife of Imran Khan, Jamima Khan has got involved in another scandal where she has been accused by a 31 year old masseuse of mistreatment. According to the British media, Jamima Khan had apparently called Szilvia Berki, a masseuse at her residence for a massage. She wanted to give her boyfriend, Russel Brand a birthday gift. Berki was given a 500 pound advance payment for the massage.

On arrival at Jamima’s residence, Berki stated that she was mistreated by Jamima and her boyfriend and was also attacked by dogs. She also accused Russel Brand for giving her an indecent push from Jamima’s residence. Berki reported the incident to the police a few days after. The police investigated the matter and concluded that Jamima was free of all charges.

Berki was furious and accused the police of injustice as she stated that the statement of the police was clearly under political pressure. She said that she would take the matter in court and will launch an appeal against Jamima and her boyfriend. Berki clarified that although her fee had been paid to her, but that was no excuse for treating her that way and that Jamima and Russel will have to answer for the way they treated her. The police was forced to open the case again after these accusations.

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