Scarcity Of Drinking Water Is Becoming Worse Around The World

Water is the basic need of life while we can’t survive without water. Around 75 part of world water. But 97.5 percent of water is brackish and 2.5 percent is fresh water. According to the report, fresh water comes from Glaciers (68.7%) and 30 percent come from underground.

In some countries, people spend their entire day for searching for water. They are suffering waterborne disease which is limiting people potential.

Moreover, global environment changing, pollution and global warming are reasons for melting of glacier. This is causing deluges, tornado, and hurricane are increasing day by day. These are converting drinking water into unhealthy water.

Nearly 1 billion people in developing countries don’t have access to it. They take the water from river and other water reservoirs.

Ocean Water In Pakistan:

We know very well that sea water is undrinkable because TDS ratio is different from drinking water like in Pakistan sea water TDS ratio ranges from 35000 to 90,000. Pakistan name comes in the list where problem of shortage of drinking water exist.

By Talha Pasha


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