Pictures That Exposed Some Shocking Facts Of PPP Jalsa

KARACHI: Pakistan People’s Party arranged a massive Jalsa in Karachi on 18th October, Saturday to start its chairman Bilawal Bhutto officially. Apart from what kind of impact it has made, we would emphasize here some pictures that make publically some shocking facts about that show.

Bilawal Used Bahria Town/ Malik Riaz’s Helicopter

People had a view that Bilawal is rotating on the chopper supported to him by Sindh Govt, but it was of Bahria Town, provided to utilize by Malik Riaz (The person fairly has link to PPP Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari).


Sharjeel Memon was continually advising staff of Media’s OB Vans to broadcast Jalsa with closed Frame. Sindh’s Information Minister Sharjeel Memon was disrupted regularly in cameraman’s work as he supposedly was continually advising the staff of Media’s OB Vans to broadcast Jalsa with closed Frame, just because people can be seen larger in number by this way.


Bilawal Used Teleprompters to give speech written in Roman Urdu

Bilawal Bhutto was supported with two Teleprompters to help him out in giving his speech that was moving in Roman Urdu on prompter.

Empty Spaces marked by camera justified the ‘show of power’

The empty spaces marked by cameras are sufficient to inform the story that ‘how much masses were there’.


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