No Hajj Visa For 3 South African States Due To Ebola

visaJeddah: The Ministry of Health of Saudi Arabia has applied a restriction on the Hajj and Umra visas of three African states on the concerns of Ebola virus. Among the states facing this ban will be Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. According to the spokesperson of the health ministry, Dr Khalid Murghilani, the health ministry was in constant contact with the ministries in charge of Hajj and external affairs and are taking the necessary precautions to contain the Ebola virus outside the borders.

Special measures are in place to stop the spreading of the Ebola virus at the airports as well. The concerned authorities have been instructed to take special measures at the entry points and the concerned personnel have been given the training to detect and contain the Ebola virus among the passengers.

The secretary of Hajj ministry, Dr Hussain Sharif stated that all the necessary steps have been taken to secure the people from the Ebola virus. The spokesperson for the civil aviation authority of Saudi Arabia stated that normally there are no direct flights to Saudi Arabia, but during the Hajj season, direct flights from these states are opened to Saudi Arabia.

Ebola virus has spread to the states of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, which has claimed the lives of 730 people since January. The Ebola virus patient will feel cold and will have headaches. They will also experience burning in their throats and chests. The patient will have fever with flue and their stomachs and bladder will get affected. The patient will start losing blood and will eventually be killed.

Recently, a drug has been tested secretly in Liberia over two patients, who have recovered miraculously from this disease. The drug known as ‘ZMapp’ has been developed by a San Diego based company Mapp Biopharmaceuticals and is hoped to be the new cure for Ebola.

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