Saudi Labour Law Allowed Foreigner Women For Working Without Sponorship

saudiaSaudi Labour Law department explained, The good news for foreigners relatives. Saudi Government has informed that all foreign women can work without changing their sponsorship. Ministry of labor has finished the suspense. At last it has been announced that foreign women can teach at private schools without changing their sponsorship. Further it was said that the foreign workforce in the state is to be given the opportunity to work, instead of importing foreign women.

According to source, in spite of bringing new labor force, should be given chance to those women who are already staying on sponsorship. Candidates are supposed to submit application through proper system. Employee must apply through the system education and experience and required approval from the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Education to take test. Test of ministry of education needs to be clear for selection.

Saudi women are preferred first. In case of absence of Saudi women then foreign women would be given chance. It is confirmed that foreign women can work without changing their sponsorship.

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