Saudi Labor Ministry Is Violating Its Own Rules For Recruitment

Ministry of Labour LogoThe Ministry of Labor in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is violating its own rules for recruitment. According to the daily newspaper of Saudi Arabia, the ministry of labor has currently granted recruitment licenses to three businessmen, which is violation of the labor laws in the Kingdom. Newspaper reported that all the three particular businessmen did not hold the previous experience of recruitment business and in fact they were not a part of recruitment sector. The report also said that currently 28 recruitment companies are operating in the sector and issuing more licenses is the clear violation of Article 6 and 8.

Tayseer Al-Mufarrij, Director of the Information Center in the Ministry of Labor has justified this violation by saying that new licenses are granted on the basis of Paragraph Four of the Article 8. The paragraph states that, “If the establishment of at least five companies is not complete during the period mentioned in Paragraph 2 of Article 8, then the application for the establishment of recruitment companies is open to recruitment offices and others.”

He also said that the number of final licenses issued by the ministry to recruitment companies to practice the activity reached 19 from July 2011, when the practice starts. The current issuance of licenses is also the series of previous practice.

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