Saudi Youngsters Using Social Networking Sites For Charity

twitterJeddah: Saudi citizens are putting the social networking sites at a good use. These citizens are organizing charity events on the social media and using these websites to encourage people to donate for the poor and the needy people of Saudi Arabia. The social networking sites such as, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are being used by these Saudi citizens to generate funds. These Saudi citizens have formed groups and are working for charity.

One such case was of a 28 year old Rubab Majeed who received a message from a friend who wanted to arrange Iftar for 300 people. She forwarded this message to her friends and relatives on WhatsApp and soon there were several people interested in donating for the cause. Rubab is added to a community on Facebook that collects money and then serves food to the needy people of Saudi Arabia. This group also buys chicken from the famous fast food chain Al-Baik and then distributes it to the needy on the streets.

These Saudi youngsters are less than 30 years. These youngsters gather money from the people and then make small Ramazan packages. These packages contain water, dates, cake, bread and various other food items. They distribute these packages in the various mosques before Maghrib and also give food to the labourers working on the street. In this way, many Saudis are able to contribute in these social works.


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