Pakistani Special Forces 9th Best In The World

pakistan special forcesWashington: The Armed Forces History Museum of America has compiled a list of the 10 best special operations forces. Pakistan’s special service group is on the 9th position in this list. Pakistan has left India behind in this aspect to become the 9th best special force. The world’s number one special force is British SAS. The American navy sales are second on the list, while the American Delta force is on the third position.

In the list, Israeli Shiaati 13 is on the fourth position, while the German GSG is on the 5th position. The Polish Groam is on the 6th position and the French Army Special Force Brigade is on the 7th position. Australia’s Echo Cobra is on the 8th position; Pakistan’s SSG is on the 9th position, while the Russian Spaitsnaaz is on the 10th position.

Pakistan’s SSG was named at the 9th position for 10 reasons. First of all, its non-traditional attack strategies for special operations, foreign internal defence, direct action, action against terrorists and special care etc. According to the report, the Pakistani Special Forces were at par with the American Green Hairrot and British SAS. This special force has also acquired training in the British and Chinese forces.

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