Special Investigative Services For Saudi Women

saudi womenJeddah: A unique service has been launched in Saudi Arabia for the Saudi women through which they will have the privilege to get their future husbands investigated. This service is made available online and Saudi women can enter their future husband’s NIC number and various other personal details on the website. The service will investigate their husbands to be and provide the women with the required information within hours.

This new service will be something to worry about for the Saudi men as they can no longer keep their lives a secret. Most of the marriages are arranged within the family, so it becomes a rather serious matter for the men as the entire family is involved. The service is however demanding a heavy fee for their services.

The Saudi women interested in getting their future husbands investigated have to pay  1500 riyals to know how frequently their future husbands visit the mosque, while its 1000 riyal for knowing the driving habits of an individual. According to the rate card, its 500 riyals for knowing if the individual in question smokes cigarettes or not.

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