A Girl Turned Into A Boy After Operation: Sargodha

According to sources,A girl turned into a boy after operation. Student of MA English from university of Sargodha, Farzana has changed to be a boy. New name is Ghulam Mustafa. She felt harsh pain in her stomach. She was taken to hospital where Doctor diagnosed that it was a sex-transform case. He did a surgery, converting the gender of the girl who was named Farzana.

Ghulam Mustafa, who has now turned out to be the only brother of his sisters, According to sources that he and his family were happy with his converting to a boy, he will miss his female friends. It was the 3rd sex- transform case happening in Pakistan during the last 10 days.


Before similar case, A 20-year-old girl has changed to be a boy after an operation in Buner district of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa. A domestic social employer Syed Farooq took a girl named Rabia d/o Mir Mohammad Shahjin, to a local clinic after she did not grown-up yet at the age of 20. Doctor told them that she was a boy, not a girl, According to sources

“After an operation, the concealed organs were taken out and Ms Rabia turned into Mr Umair,” the report added.

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