3 To 5 Cups of Coffee A Day – Prolongs Life & Age, Research

CoffeeNew York: Several researches have appeared regarding coffee in which coffee has declared as healthy beverage. Similarly, it has also said in a new study that people who drink 3 to 5 cup of coffee in a day have 15 to 20 percent lower risk of death as they usually get longevity than those people who do not drink coffee.

3 to 5 Cups Coffee A Day:

During the 20 years of research at the Harvard University, habits of drinking coffee and other beverages among 2 million women and 50 thousand men has been studied in which initial results were no different from previous researches. The research showed that people who drink a cup of coffee in a day usually live 5 to 9 percent more than those people who do not drink coffee.

The initial results of the study, researchers examined those people who don’t smoke and drink coffee in which it has found that risk of death is reduced by 6 to 8 percent in non-smokers and daily drinker of coffee. While those people who drink 3 to 5 cups of coffee throughout the day got 155 lower death risk and live a healthy life.

If you want to get prolong life and age than try coffee, it will surely help you to get good health and long life.

Eliminates Risk of Diabetes and Heart Disease:

Professor of Harvard University and founder of research author Ming Ding said that it has proved in a research that coffee reduces risk of diabetes and heart diseases. Chlorogenic acid and lugnasin in coffee control blood sugar by reducing irritation in the heart as well as the risk of heart attacks are also reduced due to coffee. Coffee which is a source of antioxidants and vitamins B has emerged as best for arteries diseases as it saves people from heart strokes.

Similarly, people who used coffee have lower risk to die from heart disease, suicide, diabetes or Parkinson’s disease. Coffee play an important role in order to decrease resistance of insulin and systematic inflammation due to bioactive compounds found in caffeinated beverages. However, senior author Dr. Frank Hu of the Harvard University said that evidences have found that regular consumption of coffee bring decrease in risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

He also advised that those people who are used to drink coffee on daily basis should continue their coffee routine for their good health. Similarly, he also asked people to drink coffee who do not like to drink coffee as there are definite reasons to drink coffee.

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